Walking the route

7 Jul 19

Never take under kids on a 10k walk without snacks!

Today I decided it was a ‘good idea’ to take the whole family out to walk the Hopton 10k route.

It turns out the 10k undulating route feels a lot longer when you’re listening to kids complaining about being tired and carrying a toddler for 60% of the time.

![Kids on the route, beware!](/images/blog/recce.jpg =200x)

However, we made it, and we picked several key areas to place marshals and signage. There are a few places where the direction isn’t 100% clear, and a few places where a marshall would be useful to keep things working smoothly.

The 300 metres or so which goes through the golf course are particularly fun. A massive thank you goes out to Dewsbury Golf Course for supporting us, and not opposing our race. It should be a nice break for the golfers whilst we pass through; do watch out for low-flying balls though! :-)

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