Race Day FAQs

When is it?

The First Sunday in October every year!

Next race: Sunday 1st October 2023

Registration opens at 8:45 and the race starts at 10.

Where is it?

The race starts at Hopton Primary School, Mirfield, WF14 8PR. It follows roads through Lower Hopton and then enters the woods before returning to the school.

Please enter the school grounds through the playground gate on Chadwick Lane. You will not be able to gain access to the school from any other entrance.

Where do I park?

As the school is in a residential area, we recommend that you park a short walk away on Hopton New Road which is just South of Mirfield Train station, about 5 minutes walk from the school. This is a straight road which has ample parking for around 70 cars. It is regularly used by rail commuters, but on Sunday morning it should be very quiet.

Alternatively we have two designated car parks for runners to use.

  • A) The school playground (approx 60 spaces) - Chadwick Lane, Mirfield, WF14 8PN
  • B) Lower Hopton Club’s car park (approx 20 spaces) - 53 North St, Mirfield, WF14 8PN

But please try Hopton New Road (C) first and head to the school if there are no spaces remaining.

As with many races, congestion and parking can often be a problem, so if at all possible please avoid driving, try to car share, or consider public transport.

Parking options

Where do I go when I arrive at school?

Access to the school will be through the back entrance in the school playground. Reception and the front gates will not be open.

How do I get my race number?

Race numbers need to be collected on the day inside the school hall. Please try to head straight into the hall rather than queuing outside so we can get things moving faster. There will be a few people on number collection split alphabetically.

You will be able to leave your bag with our volunteers at the cloakroom if you wish. Bags will be stored in a locked classroom during the race.

What’s available at the Race HQ

At Race HQ there will be first aid support, registration, baggage store, unisex changing room, toilets and most importantly - tea and coffee.

School and Field layout

What’s the route?

The route leaves the school via the playing field gates, heading down Woodend Road. Runners then follow Calder Road, Granny Lane and Hagg Lane before heading into the woods in a clockwise direction. The route then heads back to the school.

The Hopton 10k route

Will there be water?


There will be a water station at the mid-point of the race, 5km in at the bottom of Ouzelwell Lane, Thornhill Lees. This is just before the steepest climb on the course. There will also be water handed out at the finish.

Is there a cut-off time?

Yes. Marshals will start packing up and vacating their posts at 11:30.

Can I run with a buggy?

I really wouldn’t recommend it, I have actually tried and I won’t be doing it again!

In all seriousness the route can’t accomodate buggies or wheelchairs.

Can I run with a dog?

No. Our races are licensed by UK Athletics and under UKA rules, dogs (apart from medical assistance dogs) are not allowed in licensed competitions.

Can I enter on the day?

No, I’m afraid we can’t take entries on the day of the race.

Will there be toilets?

There are toilets at Race HQ; two in each mobile classroom plus girls and boys toilets in the main school building. The toilets in the main school are slightly smaller than full-size.

There are no toilets along the route.

Will there be photographs?

There will be a couple of volunteer photographers at points around the course. All photos will be available free of charge on the Hopton 10k website a day or two after the race.

Will there be a T-Shirt?

Yes, all runners will receive a technical running T-shirt upon completion of the run.

As you have already chosen your shirt size when you entered the race, you will be given a shirt of that size, we will have a list of what T-Shirt sizes everyone ordered. We may be able to give you a different size shirt if there are any left-overs from entrants who haven’t turned up.

We can not post any T-shirts out to participants; if you’re not there on the day you won’t get a shirt.

Will there be a goody bag?

Yes, all runners will receive a souvenir cotton tote bag with water, a snack and hopefully a few more items.

Are the prizes?

I’m afraid not. Isn’t the prestige of having completed the Hopton 10k enough? :-)

Where will I be able to see the results?

The results will be published on https://racebest.com/results/ shortly after the race finishes.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

There will be no refunds or transfers allowed on race day. But, if you contact us directly at least 24 hours before the race we can give a refund or allow you to transfer your entry, at our own discretion. Refunds are subject to a £2.50 admin charge.

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